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Crisis has reached real estate market of Thailand

6 November 2008

Global financial crisis and political disorders on local arena have negatively affected the real estate market of Thailand. However, experts consider that market crash will not occur.
According to company Citi, in the third quarter 2008 sales volumes in the real estate market of the country have gone on recession. In September volumes of new building [...]

Real estate in Iran promptly rises in price

29 May 2008

From the last presidential elections (when Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has become the President of the country) the real market estate of Iran has started to develop.
The prices for real estate have grown on 50 % in 2005 and on 65 % in 2006 and on 100 % – in 2007. Some economists predict, that the market [...]

The highest building of China will be constructed till 2010

23 February 2008

Shanghai prepares for construction of the highest building in China. The new tower will appear in financial area Lujiazui.
Construction of skyscraper Shanghai Center in height of 580 meters should start this year, and finish – in 2010. The commission on city construction and reform has already approved the project of the building.
Chicago architectural bureau Skidmore, [...]

First-ever ecologically pure city will be constructed in the United Arab Emirates

11 February 2008

As it has become known, within the nearest eight years the first-ever ecologically pure city of the future, for which construction $22 billion is being spent, will be constructed in suburbs of Abu-Dhabi.
The central establishment of the city, which has received the name “Masdar”, will be same scientifically-institute of technology, which will be engaged in [...]

China has suffered from hypothec crisis in the USA

28 January 2008

Bank of China has made significant write-off of the investments connected with sector of the risky mortgage of the USA, in the fourth quarter 2007, that can lead to decrease in profit or even to losses of bank.
Bank of China, most likely, will declare about write-off in April, in the context of the report on [...]