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Houses in Britain have fallen in price

8 April 2009

According to Halifax, in March, 2009, prices for houses in the Great Britain have decreased on 1,9 % in monthly calculation.
In comparison with prices for three months prices reduction has made 17,5 % in annual calculation. Analysts expected that in monthly calculation prices will reduce on 1 %.
Last month the average price of the house [...]

Prices for houses in Britain have fallen in January

28 January 2009

According to analytical company Hometrack, the price for houses in the Great Britain have fallen on 1 % in January and now they are on 9,4 % below, than it was one year ago.
Prices have decreased on 10,2 % from the record level, reached in August, 2007. Hometrack assumes that this year prices for the [...]

Prices for houses in Britain have decreased

7 September 2008

The prices for houses in the Great Britain have decreased in August, 2008 on 1,8 % in monthly calculation. Such information has been represented in review Halifax, prepared by bank HBOS.
Reduction of prices for three months, which have come to the end in August, has made 10,9 % in annual calculation.
Analysts expected, that in August [...]

Crisis depreciated 3 million houses in Great Britain

4 August 2008

Almost 3 million of the British, who have bought houses during last two years, have depreciated their capital investments as now houses cost less, than they have paid for them.
Since May prices for real estate in Britain have fallen on 4,5 % – it is the fastest recession for three months, ever registered by leading [...]

The number of real estate transactions has sharply decreased in the Great Britain

12 June 2008

As it has become known for last 3 months the usual agency of the real estate managed to find the buyer on the average on 17 houses, exposed on sale. Thus, purchasing activity in the market of habitation was reduced almost three times in comparison with the similar period of the last year.
Moreover, practice of [...]

Prince Charles will reconstruct London Chinatown

6 May 2008

British throne successor has tough up the project, which can seriously change shape of one of the most picturesque areas of London.
In result of this project realization well-known Chinatown should become “more-British”, having combined the Chinese roots of inhabitants of area with traditional local architecture.
According to the project wooden arches and stone dragons beside will [...]

Russian oligarchs deprive with the Hollywood stars of elite habitation

28 April 2008

Real shout SOS! has sounded from lips of the star inhabitant of London – well-known Hollywood director Guy Ritchie, according to whom, Russian businessmen have deprived with British of opportunity to have worthy habitation.
If you wish to buy a small house, for example, within the limits of London forget that you we shall get it [...]

British builders are accused of price arrangement

19 April 2008

About hundred civil engineering firms in the Great Britain are accused of swindle at reception of contracts on construction both in private and state sectors. These infringements have managed to tax bearers in millions pounds sterling.
Charges have been put forward after lead by antimonopoly body of the Great Britain (Office of Fair Trading, OFT) investigations [...]

Great Britain: real estate becomes cheaper with record rates

10 April 2008

Reduction in rates of real estate prices in the Great Britain has reached record parameters for last 16 years. Such information has been given in the message of the largest British hypothec company Halifax.
British real estate market “is in fever”, caused by instability of the world financial and credit market.
The prices for houses and apartments [...]

Great Britain: number of real estate buyers promptly decreases

28 March 2008

Global credit crisis has led to that the number of real estate buyers in Britain has sharply decreased.
According to National real estate agents association (NAEA), the quantity of buyers in their lists in February has decreased on 12 %, to the mark in 243 buyers per one agent, in comparison with 276 in January. It [...]

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