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Kiev was included into the twenty of the most expensive office centers of the world

12 March 2008

According to the results of 2007, cost of rent of offices in ten leading centers of the world has increased on the average for 40 %. The substantial growth of office rates is fixed in Oslo, where rates of rent have reached 727 euros for square meter. Such information has been represented in the review [...]

The number of buyers of the real estate in England has reached record-breaking low level

13 January 2008

The number of primary buyers of the real estate in England has reached to record-breaking low level for last three decades: such low parameters were not observed since 1980. And in comparison with 2002 sales volumes in the market have decreased on 44 %.
As real estate experts prove now it is the first time that [...]

Kiev: 95 % of foreign investments go on development of the commercial real estate

6 January 2008

In Kiev almost 95 % of foreign investments go on development of commercial real estate. In particular, the significant part of foreign investments is involved for construction of office centers and trading-entertaining complexes. The second position is given to hotel complexes, the third one – to the warehouse real estate. Activity of investors has considerably [...]

Houses for poor will be taken down in New Orleans

23 December 2007

By means of anonymous voting The city council of New Orleans has made a decision about destruction of several houses with 4,5 thousand apartments for needy.
When session of council began, police had to use tear gas in order to dispersal of demonstration.
40 pedestrian and ten horse policemen came against seventy protesting, tried to rush into [...]

American bankers will help “bad” borrowers

21 December 2007

Five banks, located in Boston have declared about creation of special fund of the help to the borrowers, collided with threat of habitation loss of because of increase in percent on hypothec credits payments.
Now the size of fund makes $125 million. It is intended for rendering the financial assistance to borrowers with not irreproachable credit [...]

Only 4 % of Russians are ready to invest in the real estate

20 December 2007

Only 4 % of Russians are ready to invest in the real estate – results of the research have been given by Public Opinion Fund.
Fund’s experts mark, that the level of economic literacy of financial active citizens, thinking how to dispose available means, is not too high today.
On the one hand, people know many traditional [...]

Harry Potter has bought penthouse in New York

19 December 2007

Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe has bought penthouse in New York. The apartment on the fifth floor 13-storeyed building has managed to him in 2,2 million pounds sterling (nearby $4,5 million).
Design of penthouse, which area is more than 170 square meters, is executed by French architect Jean Nouvel. This penthouse possesses a 37ft by 19ft [...]

Washington Mutual closes more than half of hypothec crediting offices

18 December 2007

Savings bank Washington Mutual Inc – the largest savings bank in the United States -closes more than half of offices on granting hypothec credits. Reduction will concern 190 of 336 offices, and also 22 % of stuff, working with hypothec credits.
Besides for struggle against consequences of hypothec crediting crisis the company will close broker division [...]