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Best real estate agency of Europe

1 September 2009

BNP Paribas Real Estate became the leader among real estate agencies of Europe.
Company BNP Paribas Real Estate has headed a rating of real estate agencies of Europe, which annually published by the leading British edition Property Week. The company has taken of the fifth position in world rating.
The rating of magazine Property Week recognized as [...]

Alania: small Monte-Carlo

7 August 2009

Alania is a place, where you can leave interesting and adventurous life, without dependence from preferences. The city is not so great – its population makes about 110 thousand people. But it is not also small. It is an international city, where almost 10 % of all population is presented with constantly living foreigners, European [...]

About 30% of habitation in Dubai will become empty

16 June 2009

Number of empty habitation in Dubai can double by the end of 2010.
UBS analysts prove that the number of empty houses can sharply grow – from today’s 15 % to 30 % of all housing market by the end of next year.
Real estate market of Dubai is stronger than others has suffered from world financial [...]

Britney Spears house doesn’t attract buyers

10 June 2009

Crisis in the US housing market has affected Britney Spears. Nobody wants to buy Britney’s house in Los Angeles, which the star has exposed on sale. Spears has even decided to reduce the price.
Pop star has bought the house in Beverly Hills for £4,7 million in 2007, but in September, 2008, Britney has exposed it [...]

Real estate market of New Zealand is out of crisis

10 June 2009

In May prices for houses in New Zealand have decreased on the 2009 minimum level.
According to experts, delay of rates of falling of the prices shows that the real estate market of the country will soon recover and will help economy to struggle crisis.
According to national appraiser Quotable Value New Zealand Ltd., in May average [...]

Wal-Mart has opened first supermarket in India

1 June 2009

World’s largest retail network Wal-Mart Stores Inc. has opened the first supermarket in India. This and subsequent supermarkets Wal-Mart will belong to company Bharti Wal-Mart Private Ltd., which is a joint venture of Wal-Mart and its Indian partner Bharti Enterprises.
Within the next 3 years the company plans to open from 10 to 15 supermarkets, thus [...]

European hotels lack visitors

23 May 2009

According to research company STR Global, level of hotels’ fallibility in Europe has fallen to 8,9 % in 1 quarter of 2009 in comparison with the same period of 2008.
Hotel business of East and Southern Europe has suffered most of all – there this indicator has fallen on 19 % and 16 % accordingly. The [...]

Knight Frank predicts deficiency of the inhabited real estate

23 May 2009

In connection with sharp reduction of volumes of new building practically in all developed countries of the world, deficiency of objects of the inhabited real estate and, as consequence, a rise in prices is predicted in short-term prospect.
Knight Frank prove that even in difficult market conditions qualitative objects from reliable world brands with a good [...]

Situation in office real estate market

15 May 2009

Profitableness growth reduction in the market of office real estate in Europe has finally overcome crisis. Such information has been represented in Jones Lang LaSalle’s report.
According to company Jones Lang LaSalle, in the first quarter of 2009 the minimum average rate of profitableness of office real estate in Europe has increased by 20 basic points, [...]

AIG sells headquarters in Japan for $1 billion

5 May 2009

Insurance giant American International Group (AIG) is going to sell the headquarters in Japan for $1 billion.
One of the Japanese insurance companies, which is still in secret, is the prospective buyer of AIGs main office.
Exact date of the transaction is not called. Office sale in Japan will become one of the largest AIGs losses during [...]

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